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A project to connect and have fun

About Us

We firmly believe that NFTs hold immense potential beyond mere profile pictures. However, true growth and progress stem from a place of learning and evolution. It is through active participation and firsthand experiences that we truly develop and flourish.

Boo Things began as a pioneering initiative, aimed at opening the gates of the NFT universe to a wider audience. We firmly believe in the transformative power of community-driven experiences, and we strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of their budget, can partake in and learn from this extraordinary journey.

To make this vision a reality, we distributed 10,000 free NFTs and provided assistance with gas fees for all transactions. By removing the barriers of cost and fear of financial loss, we enable individuals to fully immerse themselves in the NFT ecosystem, exploring its intricacies and possibilities with complete peace of mind.

Today, Boo Things stands as a vibrant and tight-knit community dedicated to fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and above all, having a blast along the way. We invite you to join us in this incredibly friendly and welcoming space as you embark on your own adventure in the captivating realm of Web3.

Come and discover the endless possibilities that await you. Embrace the spirit of Boo Things and unlock the extraordinary potential of Web3 in a supportive and engaging community.


How can I get a Boo Things NFT?

Now that the FREE mint is over, the only ways to get a Boo NFT is to attend our events or buy one from the marketplaces. Our official collection is on OpenSea.

The artist

This project was conceived, created and developed by Kaio Medau, a Brazilian designer passionate about technology and crypto enthusiast.

Although Kaio executed the idea, this collection was only possible thanks to the support of our community.

A project to connect and have fun