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A project to connect and have fun

About Us

We believe that NFTs are the future, far beyond profile pictures. However, all evolution must start from one place and with it comes learning and evolution. By doing, we learn, by living, we evolve.

Boo Things started as a project to open the doors of the NFT universe to more people. We believe in the experience that this community is capable of promoting, so we believe that everyone should live and learn from this experience, no matter the budget.

We are now a community dedicated to connecting with others and having fun along the way. Feel free to join us, in a super friendly and welcoming community, as you venture through the world of Web3


How can I get a Boo Things NFT?

Now that the FREE mint is over, the only ways to get a Boo NFT is to attend our events or buy one from the marketplaces. Our official collection is on OpenSea.

Do You Have a Roadmap?

Yes, we created a roadmap with our community, but the time has come to change the direction of the project.

We believe that NFT projects need to deliver utility, but we are not here to do what everyone else does just for the sake of doing it.

We decided, after delivering almost the entire roadmap, that it was time to go back to our roots and work on utilities that were fun and made sense to our community, even if they seemed small at first.

We are walking together towards creating a game and creating an ecosystem of NFT collections, which are linked to each other to generate more utility and value for our holders.

We started with a Free Mint and that's why we're taking small but sure steps towards the future to stay here for a long time.

The artist

This project was conceived, created and developed by Kaio Medau, a Brazilian designer passionate about technology and crypto enthusiast.

Although Kaio executed the idea, this collection was only possible thanks to the support of our community.

A project to connect and have fun